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For Freedom by fokushii
For Freedom
Anders from Dragon Age II
Costume made and worn by me
The incredible photo by ApG-A-photo-Graph

For more cosplay updates, check out my Facebook page!

I wasn't supposed to get this costume done quite yet, but then something possessed me (badum-tssh) and I somehow managed to make it wearable for Desucon in Finland this past weekend.

Anders is an absolutely fantastic character and his sense of fashion speaks to me on multiple different levels. I got to do plenty of awesome things with this costume, and finally fulfilled my dream of using as many authentic materials for a costume as possible. 

The coat is genuine leather, harvested from two old leather coats I got from a second-hand shop, cut up and sewed back together into the quilted monster you can see here. The tunic is linen, dyed to the right colour, the jacket is some kind of faux suede I got on eBay (I would have preferred real suede, but finding it in the right colour = no) and then dyed approximately ninety billion times to achieve the right shade. The feather pauldron/shawl/whatever the thing even is, has a base of fake fur, also dyed approximately fifty bazillion times, and rooster feathers sewn in. Bandages are just thick white cotton, dipped in espresso.

All belts, pouches and the wristband are leather as well, and I may have managed to develop a serious addiction to leather crafting while working on this costume. Which is a good thing, considering some of my future costume plans involve quite a bit of leather work.

It's still missing a couple of belt hoops, and another belt pouch, and there are a few things I want to fix up. The most prominent one is the collar; I drafted it multiple times but I'm still not quite as happy with it as I'd like. I need to switch the rivets on the coat so smaller, metal ones, etc. etc. Oh, and I still need to finish my staff. I've started working on it, but it's still in early stages of construction.

Despite the few missing details, I'm really happy with this costume so far. I was worried I wouldn't get my face to look manly enough (fake beards are easy - fake stubble is not, and my face shape is so round it takes quite a bit of shading and sculpting to make it even remotely masculine), but during the weekend I got so many confused comments ranging from "it's so weird that you're so handsome but you're a woman" to "I thought you were a man but then you spoke" that I suppose I did pretty well. : D

I'm pretty madly in love with this costume already, and can't wait to have it 100 % finished. I'll be wearing this at Animecon in the Netherlands next weekend, so if any of you are coming there, come say hi.
Shining, Together by fokushii
Shining, Together
Another gorgeous shot from our shoot in December. 

Myself as Utena
Tikli as Anthy (FB)
Costumes made by the cosplayers.

Photo by the amazing ApG-A-photo-Graph

PS. I'm far more active on Facebook, so follow me there, maybe?
Control by fokushii
This costume has been a long time coming! I wanted to make Yurick's default getup the moment I saw it in the game, but since I had to make the artwork costume first, I couldn't even consider working on this one. So, logically, I made it in four days, a year later. Like you do. 

Myself as Yurick from the fantastic video game The Last Story
Photo by :noyn:, edits by me.     

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Elina H.J.R.
I like cheese. Mozzarella especially. Mmm.

Current Residence: Finland
Um... hi. : D

I've taken a bit of a break from cosplay, mostly because it gave me more grief than joy, so taking a break felt like the logical option.

Haven't been on dA in ages, and my inbox is overflowing, so I'd just like to thank everyone for the faves, watches and comments. They're all very much appreciated, even though I am a lazy bum and can't be arsed to reply.

I'm currently trying to teach myself to draw properly, so you'll probably see some of my artfarts here, if I feel like something I sketch s good enough to be shared with the world. Mostly I'm posting my attempts on Tumblr, so stalk me there if you want to see what I'm up to.

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